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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: The Granddaddy Sport Show

The Granddaddy Sport Show

On the Trail with Mark Kayser

If you happen to be within an easy drive of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, you may want to take in the granddaddy of all sport shows: the Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show( It opens February 5 and goes through February 13 at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex. Opening weekend is a mass of outdoor enthusiasts, so I might suggest going later in the week or the following weekend. I also have a selfish reason for directing you later...
I'll be there along with the crew from "North American Hunter-TV," and we're going to be presenting "You Call The Shots" live at the show February 10, 11 and 12. It should be great entertainment and possibly educational. At the end of the segments I'm sure we'll all be happy to meet with Club members.If that weren't enough on its own, you also have the opportunity to shop through nearly 1,200 exhibitors, attend seminars by outdoor experts and likely bag a funnel cake; that's top-quality entertainment for one low price.
Now let's just pray the East Coast isn't clobbered again with another snowstorm. I'll see you in PA!

This would make a great "You Call The Shots" scenario, except it's snowing so hard I can't even call the shot.


My coyote hunting posting earlier this week prompted a couple of questions.One was from a hunter having difficulty calling coyotes in Ohio farm country and the second was from a hunter in Virginia wondering when coyotes breed.
Regarding calling in farm country; it can be tough. Here are my suggestions:
Hunt the darkest windows of the day at dawn and dusk. Coyotes feel safer moving then. Enter the area silently as well. Next, choose a distress call that mimics prey in your area like mice, rabbits or fowl. Fawn distress can also work. If you want to howl, use simple, long howls that are non-threatening. Finally, set up near the nastiest cover around, but near an opening that is downwind. This forces the coyotes to show themselves as they circle downwind to get your scent. Keep mixing up your style until you find something that works.

As for coyote breeding, it basically occurs across the continent from January through March. Throughout this time period coyote vocalizations will work, as will standard distress calls.

Good luck!